Wildlife Rehabilitation
Wildlife rehabilitation is the process of providing aid to injured, orphaned, displaced, or distressed wild animals in such a way that they may survive when released to their native habitats. The spectrum of activities ranges from direct care of wildlife to arranging suitable release sites. Wildlife rehabilitation also involves anticipating and helping to prevent problems with wildlife as well as humanely resolving human-wildlife conflicts. Wildlife rehabilitation is part science, part education, part problem-solving, and part care-giving. Wildlife rehabilitation is a growing activity with a rapidly expanding base of knowledge and ever-increasing professional standards. Wildlife rehabilitation is regulated by state and/ or federal wildlife agencies. Here in the State of Florida, all free roaming wildlife is considered the property of the State of Florida. All migratory birds which freely fly in and out of the state are considered property of the US Federal Government. As a licensed wildlife rehabilitator you are acting as a volunteer for the State or the Federal Government. It is vital that you know and understand the laws of each agency.

If you are interested in becoming a wildlife rehabilitator, please read this manual and see if you have what it takes.